What to know about horror movies

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Where better to start a movie blog than with horror films? The industry of films offers many types of films. Certain films amuse us. They make us laugh, can make us cry and in fact sometimes frighten us also, but anyway we get to be amused and to feel the warm glow of following a story.

Generally speaking,  films can be classified in 11 types. These 11 types of types of films are:
Crime and Gangster
Epics / Historical
Music (dance)
Science Fiction
War (Anti-war)

As the name points it out every type of film is filled with the element mentioned, action with big waterfalls, comedy with nervous sequences – tickles and humour. With traditional films there are also categories of films that are non-type. Some of these categories of films non-type can be enlivened Films, classical Films, worship Films, childrens Films and other similar styles. Whatever type or category they are, it is a true fact that films really amuse and they drive us to the very new world of fantasies.

What to know about horror moviesFilms show the nicest faces, the ugliest faces, the more loving heart filled with love and at the same time the most pitiless heart, in fact all of the emotions of our lives are within.

Films have big sequences of dance, of music and of cinematography. Nobody can dismiss the magic of these films.

Social films spread good messages to make our society a better place to live. These films inspire us and give us direction

A type of film which attracts a huge mass of amateurs to cinema is horror films. Horror films have strange characters with unusual faces and appearances. These films also have sound effects that are very frightening and causes us to shiver. Horrors also thrill us , scare us, but draw us in so that we just can’t leave until the scary end.

horror moviesHorror films often have a terrible and shocking final. They frighten us while enthralling and  amuse us at the same time in a cathartic experience.

Horror films have a broad range of styles, from the most ancient silent classical Nosferatu, to the monsters of today’s CGI and amazing special effects. They are sometimes combined with science fiction. Maybe a monster is linked to a corruption of technology, or when the Earth is threatened by extraterrestrials.

Whatever the theme, you can be sure that we will continue to watch in amazed fascination as the stories unfold, on our cinema screens, tv’s and mobile devices. Big box office is here to stay, and long may it continue.

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