What Is Video Marketing, What You Need and Types of Video Marketing

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What Types of Video for Marketing Purposes Are Available?

There are various video designs based upon your particular organisations objectives, select the one you like most and give it a try.

Talking Head Video.

This is what most people consider when they think video. Fundamental “head and shoulders,” direct to the camera, standard shot. The talking head video is popular due to the fact that it works.

Interview Video.

Besides you talking, you can include another person to the mix and make it an interview video. Interview videos can be two or more people on electronic camera.

Interview videos can be easily created using Skype, Google Hangouts or Oovoo.com.

Live Webcast Video.

This provides the ability to engage with your audiences live. If you have a cam and an idea, you can produce a live webcast, anytime, anywhere.

PowerPoint Video.

Because of its simplicity, the narrated PowerPoint video is a very popular format. You can utilise PowerPoint or Keynote for Mac.

Tips Series Video.

If you want to develop an existence on YouTube, a tips series is ideal for you. Also, video suggestions assist to establish you as a specialist in your niche and construct your credibility.

Sales Video.

This kind of video includes a PowerPoint with a voice over or simply text and narration.

Live Demo Video (on-camera).

On camera demonstrations are amongst the most reliable videos you can produce. It can be as easy as mentoring live to the camera. You can use resources to help you teach your point, like a whiteboard for example.

Release Series Video.

These videos usually come prior to a sales video in a launch series of 3 or four videos. The concept is to provide worth and establish trustworthiness before releasing the last “pitch” video at the end of the series.

Consumer Testimonial Video.

Testimonial videos are powerful. You can promote a particular services or product by embedding these on your website or on a sales page.

Teaching/Webinar Video.

You can use a recorded webinar, using Camtasia or other software application of your preference, as a video for sales or distribution. You can post the video webinar on YouTube, or on your own website.

Animated Video.

Video creation websites like XtraNormal.com and GoAnimate.com have opened up new possibilities for producing your very own cartoons.

Video E-mail.

It is a fantastic way to link and engage with your clients, coworkers or prospects. It can be made by just utilizing your webcam. It is extremely simple to tape-record and send a video email. There are complimentary websites providing this service, such as MailVu.com or Eyejot.com. Video email provides a powerful, personal touch that makes you stand apart.

Try a couple of these and find which fits you best. Video is a very powerful medium and getting more so. Give us some feedback on which works best for you.

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