Video Sales For A Local Worktop Business

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video equipmentOne exciting recent development for me has been the realisation of how powerful video is as a sales medium for local businesses. I joined a small networking group in my area, and instantly became a celebrity! My knowledge of video creation and editing has been in great demand. These small local businesses are keen to add videos to their websites, facebook pages and even emails.

It has opened up a completely unexpected opportunity for me, something that I intend to pursue, and if any reader of this blog is a closet videographer, take my advice and let people know about your skills. There is money in them thar skills!

My first project was to create a sales video for a local kitchen worktop business. We spent about 4 hours recording an interview with him, and also his sales area and an installation. I intend to add the video to this blog once I have finished the edit and he has apporoved the final result.

I also thought that I would include his ad copy here, as I found it interesting, and thought it just might be of value to anyone out there working on a kitchen project.

It seems that today, laminate is a popular option not only for kitchen worktops but other worktops throughout the home. It looks fantastic, it’s cost-effective, it’s very durable and practical, and it’s something that offers you total value for your money. Laminate worktops come in designs that are sure to match your personality style as well as preferences.



Different types of Laminate worktops

Naturally, when you want to buy something, you have to look at your budget, the product’s quality, and its durability. Laminate worktops will pretty much live up to your expectations. And they come in a wide selection of surfaces to choose from.

First on this list is the oasis worktops. Oasis worktops are resistant to heat, water, stain and even scratch. Whichever type of kitchen or other areas in your home you have, they are sure to give it a pleasing look.

Prima laminate worktops comprise of stones, wood grains, and granite. Besides being more affordable and beautiful, they give a very attractive look. Also, we have duropal worktops which currently bear a FIRA Gold Award. They are not only durable but non-gloss.

Then we have Corian worktops. In recent years, they have become so popular due to their strong materials like pigment and pure acrylic polymer. They offer nothing but an appealing look to your home. Not forgetting to mention Axiom worktops. They boast of fantastic surface finishes from quality material products and are very affordable. And like others that we’ve already mentioned, they will also enhance the beauty of whichever area you choose to install them.

Other options include blue quartz and wooden worktops, all made from different kinds of materials. Hygienic designs and glossy looks makes them quite attractive. Rest assured they will offer a more beautiful and effective look in your kitchen or other areas in your home.

Reasons to choose Laminate worktopsw_laminate

You might have already noticed that laminate worktops come in wide range colors and textures. Also, they have finishes of all types with a mix and match of textures and patterns that are sure to offer you a more rewarding experience.

Another striking thing about laminate worktops is how easy it is to clean and maintain them. This stems from the fact that they are resistant to stains, heat, grease and all manner of things that could affect a worktop. A little bit of wiping with some little water and soap will just be enough to get them clean.

Installation of laminate worktops is also very simple. While other worktops are prone to cracks during installation, laminate does not. You can as well save some money by installing it on your own.

When it comes to prices, laminate worktops are generally cheaper compared to other worktops. It’s possible to find an expensive looking counter top for a mere fraction of the amount you would have to spend getting the original. You can purchase them from various places including hardware stores, home remodeling stores, and also kitchen and bathroom renovation outlets.

Finally, with good care, laminate worktops are sure to last many years in a perfect condition. Now, if you can’t install them on your own, it’s always best to seek the help of a professional. A professional clearly understands what needs to be done and they take less time to get everything right and according to your expectations.

The video below is included as a stop gap until the final cut is ready, so watch out for that, and if you have any questions regarding starting your own video agency please contact me from the contact page on this website.

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