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youtube logoYoutube is amazing. I use it all the time, and I am still finding things that I can learn to do, things it can do for me that I never realized, and ways I can make use of it in my daily life. Here are a few of them to get you thinking….

Not too long ago, when the Internet began to grow in leaps and bounds, most of us found ourselves wasting a fair amount of our time on YouTube. Of course, it’s a fantastic place full of everything that will excite you in seconds. Nonetheless, if you aren’t quite familiar with how YouTube functions or what can do with it, besides simple video creation, you will certainly feel a little limited. There are actually a number of awesome things you can do there. So here’s your best chance to learn some of them.

Creating videos and editing them on site

Being a popular website in the world right now, it’s obvious that YouTube gets millions of visitors every day. Remember that YouTube is a social media. Nearly all people who visit the site are after videos that are informative, useful, entertaining, mind-blowing, you name it. You can upload videos of all kinds for such viewers.

Always provide good quality and edit the video to the point that many will find attractive. With their onsite video editor and other video tools, you can customize your video in so many ways.

Video creation is definitely fun and with YouTube, it will be more fun since you can do so much with it as you will see later.

Making money with YouTube

After video creation, you can upload it and pull in good fortunes if you do things right. This will involve following YouTube rules and regulations regarding copyrights plus plenty of other stuff.

Once you’ve pulled in enough visitors to your channel, you can enter into a partnership with YouTube. If you qualify, you will earn revenues from all the ads they place on your videos.

If one of your viewers clicks on any of the ads, that can only mean more earnings for you.

Advertising on YouTube/ Video marketing

If you own a store or you’ve got products you need to sell, video creation on YouTube can play a huge role in promoting them eventually increasing your potential buyers. YouTube can also help if your blog already earns you money or even with those websites that bear ads and affiliates or any other promotions.

It’s a proven fact that with YouTube it’s easy to boost your web traffic. You can as well seek donations through your Videos. Just give much of your attention and effort to video creation. Create videos are short, sweet and very interesting so as you can easily attract more viewers and have all the above accomplished with ease.

YouTube alarm clocksspeech bubble

If you are sick and tired of your own alarm clock due to its boring sounds and all that, then you’ll be a happy soul when you discover how sweet it can get having YouTube wake you up from sleep. From the dulcet tones of the great Rick Astley to the cheerful sound of kids laughing or better still, the cute voice of Jessica singing daily affirmation. That sounds sweet, right? Well, just make sure your PC doesn’t hibernate.

Other things you can do on YouTube include:

• Watch YouTube Videos or listen to Audios of artists you like
• You can legally watch movies
• You can watch live events
• For smart TV users, there’s YouTube TV, a service that gives you high-quality videos, friendly interface, and an on-screen keyboard.

To sum up, if you really wish to make the most out of YouTube, this is the ultimate place to begin from. As you can see, you can do pretty much anything on YouTube aside from the usual video creation. By trying out any of the things we’ve looked at, you will discover so much more you hardly thought existed.

One of the main things that you need to know how to do is upload a video, and I was going to make a video to explain the easiest way, but would you believe it, there are hundreds on there already.. so here is the top ranking video to show you how to do it.

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