5 Tips For Making Mobile Phone Videos

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Do you think you know all there is to know about making videos that will be viewed on a moblie device? If so, check out the post below and see if there is anything more you can learn.

InĀ  modern times, more and more people are using mobile phones not only to make calls, for short message services, but also to watch videos. It is estimated that over 60 percent of people these days use their phones to watch videos. If you want to make mobile phone videos, you must ensure that you put all the factors into consideration in order to make sure your video gets a high number of views. Below are some great tips for making mobile phone videos.

Keep the video short

One of the greatest mistakes you can make while developing a mobile phone video is making them long. Most people do not like very long videos because they might not have the time to watch them. Most of them might watch the video while travelling, waiting in line, between meetings and others times when they just get an opportunity. If your video runs for several minutes, viewers will not be interested and will not download it. In addition, they will not share it with their friends. So overall, your video should be as short as possible.

Consider the size of the videoyoutube video on a phone

It might seem very obvious, but most people ignore this tip. It is good to remember that mobile screens are smaller compared to those of desktops. You should make your graphics and shots simple. It is good that you avoid texts and if you must use any text, make sure that it is big and bold so that your viewers do not strain as they watch your video in different mobile phone models.

Speak clear and loud

It might be tricky to create audio for your video. Your viewers might not always be in a place where they can listen to your video easily. They might be in a noisy place or listening to it through low quality speakers or headphones. If you need to reach a large audience, make sure that your video is clear enough to be heard over any background noise. Invest in a high quality microphone to make it easy to understand the audio without straining.

Make use of all your tools

Mobile videos have a lot of benefits because there are a lot of tools that you can use to share and film the video. To reach a large audience, make sure that you make use of all the available tools in the most appropriate manner. Higher quality and professional tools can be used in filming short and scripted videos.

Share your video

It will be of no use if you develop mobile phone videos, but fail to share them. It is by sharing your video that it will be easy for it to get high levels of exposure to your target audience and even many others. There are different video sharing platforms you can utilize to make sure that your video reaches a large audience. YouTube is the most used platform and has the ability to help your video reach a lot of viewers and be shared among them.

Video marketing is a powerful too, and is something that most business owners don’t understand. If you can learn to master this exploding area of photography, you are sure to earn a good income from it.

We would welcome your comments or ideas on this subject. Please get in touch and lets exchange ideas. Meanwhile, watch the video below for some great tips.

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