What Is Video Marketing, What You Need and Types of Video Marketing

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What Types of Video for Marketing Purposes Are Available?

There are various video designs based upon your particular organisations objectives, select the one you like most and give it a try.

Talking Head Video.

This is what most people consider when they think video. Fundamental “head and shoulders,” direct to the camera, standard shot. The talking head video is popular due to the fact that it works.

Interview Video.

Besides you talking, you can include another person to the mix and make it an interview video. Interview videos can be two or more people on electronic camera.

Interview videos can be easily created using Skype, Google Hangouts or Oovoo.com.

Live Webcast Video.

This provides the ability to engage with your audiences live. If you have a cam and an idea, you can produce a live webcast, anytime, anywhere.

PowerPoint Video.

Because of its simplicity, the narrated PowerPoint video is a very popular format. You can utilise PowerPoint or Keynote for Mac.

Tips Series Video.

If you want to develop an existence on YouTube, a tips series is ideal for you. Also, video suggestions assist to establish you as a specialist in your niche and construct your credibility.

Sales Video.

This kind of video includes a PowerPoint with a voice over or simply text and narration.

Live Demo Video (on-camera).

On camera demonstrations are amongst the most reliable videos you can produce. It can be as easy as mentoring live to the camera. You can use resources to help you teach your point, like a whiteboard for example.

Release Series Video.

These videos usually come prior to a sales video in a launch series of 3 or four videos. The concept is to provide worth and establish trustworthiness before releasing the last “pitch” video at the end of the series.

Consumer Testimonial Video.

Testimonial videos are powerful. You can promote a particular services or product by embedding these on your website or on a sales page.

Teaching/Webinar Video.

You can use a recorded webinar, using Camtasia or other software application of your preference, as a video for sales or distribution. You can post the video webinar on YouTube, or on your own website.

Animated Video.

Video creation websites like XtraNormal.com and GoAnimate.com have opened up new possibilities for producing your very own cartoons.

Video E-mail.

It is a fantastic way to link and engage with your clients, coworkers or prospects. It can be made by just utilizing your webcam. It is extremely simple to tape-record and send a video email. There are complimentary websites providing this service, such as MailVu.com or Eyejot.com. Video email provides a powerful, personal touch that makes you stand apart.

Try a couple of these and find which fits you best. Video is a very powerful medium and getting more so. Give us some feedback on which works best for you.

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How to Earn Extra Cash Using Video Marketing

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video-marketingThe easiest part of an online business is always getting it up online. The hard part is getting your marketing always in front of your customer. Effective and quality advertising is how you will make your business going forward.

There are a lot of programs that you can use but one of the best way is using video marketing. This marketing strategy is one of the best and effective methods that used by many successful internet marketers.

1. Why use video marketing?

If you are trying to build a legitimate work at home business, video marketing is a very effective way to reach your potential buyer. It is so much easier to sit back and watch a video than to read and interpret line after line of text. It is also much more personal, you can be seen in person talking about your product and all its benefits, inspiring confidence in your viewers.

Watching a video is more memorable than reading plain text, the viewer will have a much better visual recall of your presentation. You will be able to show exactly how your product works. This form of marketing makes your potential customer feel more important as if you are talking to them personally.

2. What is best to market using video?

Video is most useful when presenting products that actually do something, such as a massage chair for instance. You can demonstrate it on video so the watcher can see firsthand what it will do. If you need to show how to use or build something then using video is a much better option than trying to explain in words how to use it.

Most products you are promoting will do well using video for marketing. Regardless of what you are promoting, there is a video to support it – all it takes is imagination to bring it to life. You can use a video of what you are doing online to make money by making a video of actually going online and performing the actions necessary to earn money using your tactics.

You can also show video of you payment account to illustrate how much money you are making with the program. Video marketing is a great asset to any legitimate work at home business and great for a newbie trying to get started making a profit on the internet.

3. Where do you submit your videos?

One place to submit your videos once you have them created is to your email subscriber list if you have one. Social Net Working sites are also a good place to put your videos on to sell your product. You can offer free videos from your webpage or blog for anyone interested to request and view.

You can also submit you videos to You Tube to get more exposure for your product. Millions of people go to You Tube every day and watch videos. Simply putting your videos on your blog or website for viewing is very effective also.

You can search online for many other options available to promote your videos. All of this can easily be done part time at home.

4. How to use video marketing?

When using video marketing, always make sure it is entertaining and keeps the viewer interested. Building a legitimate work at home business using video marketing is important if you want to get your business off the ground.

Do not be shy when making a video, show your best face, smile, be sociable, and sell yourself to your viewers. Think of things to make your video more interesting.

Imagine you are watching it and envision what you would like to see and what would make you want to buy the product involved. Use your imagination, and do whatever it takes to make your video grab the attention of viewers.

Think about what others like to see when watching a video and what would make them want to buy the product. We all see commercials everyday on television. Seek out what is effective and recreate it for your own marketing campaign.

Never copy another peoples work however as that can get you in a lot of trouble. If you are a newbie seeking to start a legitimate work at home business you need to use video marketing to get your product out in view of a huge audience. Do not get left behind, get started making a video and the profits will come in.

Get started today with your own legitimate work at home business. Find a program and make a video. Even a newbie can make profits with ease using video marketing.

For more information or to make an appointment, Email Us  or visit our website www.elstreecalling.co.uk

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1856727

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Saving Kitchen Remodeling Costs By Simply Replacing Cabinet Doors

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I definately recommend networking in your local community! I recently started networking after considering getting involved for months, and I have 3 new customers already. Result.

This customer is on a kitchen theme again, but this time the company does budget kitchen makeovers, and is called Quality Kitchen Doors Doncaster.

If you have you been recently contemplating an answer around the options to truly change the look of your kitchen woodwork while avoiding the need to shell out all of your spare income which is pretty typical regarding complete kitchen redesigning?

You might think as one particular option would suggest, that installing new kitchen doors is a cost-saving substitute for the large expense and the burden of total kitchen remodeling. Replacing kitchen cabinet doors can be a very easy and satisfying DIY project. By upgrading the kitchen doors yourself, you can save an exceptional amount of cash.

Several Factors To Consider Prior To Engaging Your Kitchen Project

One fact you will need to verify before this with regards to replacing your kitchen cabinet doors is whether your existing cabinet boxes are found in an adequate general condition to accept new cabinet doors.

For example, are the cases well constructed and do you think they will work for the following couple of years? If the cabinet boxes have any damage, this would be a great time to make any necessary repairs. If only a number your cabinets are scratched, you might think about just replacing those units before deciding to go forward with replacing any of your doors.

It’s most definitely a judgment call, surely if your entire cabinets are seriously scratched perhaps by repeated use or perhaps even water damage, after that replacing cabinet doors probably are not a very good investment in time or money.

So Many Door Designs To Choose From

Once you have designated that the existing cabinet cases are in great shape for your cabinet door swap undertaking, you will need to decide if you will end up painting or staining your cabinets and doors, or buying replacements.

Painting can conceal a better number of flaws in your door. When looking for new cabinet doors paint grade cabinet doors may be constructed from a more cost-effective material such as MDF and veneer plywood core panels. These materials will likely paint up wonderfully, also, to helping you in saving some more money.

Replacing the doors rather than painting the ones you have give you the option to change the style of your kitchen as well as just the colour.

Paint Or Stain? Even More Savingskitchen-remodeling-7

Now you know which type of cabinet door you may be making use of you will have to opt for a door design.

The door style possibilities that are available in the market place seems to be practically unlimited. You will need to check out the immense choices of online merchants and simply opt for the cabinet door which you like.

A few of the preferences are inset panel, raised the panel, and applied molding doors. Inset panel doors may have a flat panel, bead board or perhaps a vee groove panel. Raised panel doors have a raised center panel and are also usually created from solid wood materials.

Why not call in an expert who can help you with the decisions such as design, style, size, quality etc. You know it makes sense!

One of the interesting things that I always find about website design, is trying to build a site that is going to not only convert your customers but also that represents the business the way that the customer wants. Fun stuff!

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Videos Are Essential To Your Website

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Videos are important in a website for a number of reasons, one is that it helps to keep visitors on your website for longer, which means that you have a better chance of them becoming a customer, and another is that you can get your sales message across much better in a video than with plain text.

I found this little explainer video about this, so thought you might find it useful. It shows how you can make your own video, or alternatively, you can always pay a pro like me to do it for you !

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Video Sales For A Local Worktop Business

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video equipmentOne exciting recent development for me has been the realisation of how powerful video is as a sales medium for local businesses. I joined a small networking group in my area, and instantly became a celebrity! My knowledge of video creation and editing has been in great demand. These small local businesses are keen to add videos to their websites, facebook pages and even emails.

It has opened up a completely unexpected opportunity for me, something that I intend to pursue, and if any reader of this blog is a closet videographer, take my advice and let people know about your skills. There is money in them thar skills!

My first project was to create a sales video for a local kitchen worktop business. We spent about 4 hours recording an interview with him, and also his sales area and an installation. I intend to add the video to this blog once I have finished the edit and he has apporoved the final result.

I also thought that I would include his ad copy here, as I found it interesting, and thought it just might be of value to anyone out there working on a kitchen project.

It seems that today, laminate is a popular option not only for kitchen worktops but other worktops throughout the home. It looks fantastic, it’s cost-effective, it’s very durable and practical, and it’s something that offers you total value for your money. Laminate worktops come in designs that are sure to match your personality style as well as preferences.



Different types of Laminate worktops

Naturally, when you want to buy something, you have to look at your budget, the product’s quality, and its durability. Laminate worktops will pretty much live up to your expectations. And they come in a wide selection of surfaces to choose from.

First on this list is the oasis worktops. Oasis worktops are resistant to heat, water, stain and even scratch. Whichever type of kitchen or other areas in your home you have, they are sure to give it a pleasing look.

Prima laminate worktops comprise of stones, wood grains, and granite. Besides being more affordable and beautiful, they give a very attractive look. Also, we have duropal worktops which currently bear a FIRA Gold Award. They are not only durable but non-gloss.

Then we have Corian worktops. In recent years, they have become so popular due to their strong materials like pigment and pure acrylic polymer. They offer nothing but an appealing look to your home. Not forgetting to mention Axiom worktops. They boast of fantastic surface finishes from quality material products and are very affordable. And like others that we’ve already mentioned, they will also enhance the beauty of whichever area you choose to install them.

Other options include blue quartz and wooden worktops, all made from different kinds of materials. Hygienic designs and glossy looks makes them quite attractive. Rest assured they will offer a more beautiful and effective look in your kitchen or other areas in your home.

Reasons to choose Laminate worktopsw_laminate

You might have already noticed that laminate worktops come in wide range colors and textures. Also, they have finishes of all types with a mix and match of textures and patterns that are sure to offer you a more rewarding experience.

Another striking thing about laminate worktops is how easy it is to clean and maintain them. This stems from the fact that they are resistant to stains, heat, grease and all manner of things that could affect a worktop. A little bit of wiping with some little water and soap will just be enough to get them clean.

Installation of laminate worktops is also very simple. While other worktops are prone to cracks during installation, laminate does not. You can as well save some money by installing it on your own.

When it comes to prices, laminate worktops are generally cheaper compared to other worktops. It’s possible to find an expensive looking counter top for a mere fraction of the amount you would have to spend getting the original. You can purchase them from various places including hardware stores, home remodeling stores, and also kitchen and bathroom renovation outlets.

Finally, with good care, laminate worktops are sure to last many years in a perfect condition. Now, if you can’t install them on your own, it’s always best to seek the help of a professional. A professional clearly understands what needs to be done and they take less time to get everything right and according to your expectations.

The video below is included as a stop gap until the final cut is ready, so watch out for that, and if you have any questions regarding starting your own video agency please contact me from the contact page on this website.

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5 Tips For Making Mobile Phone Videos

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mobile video

Do you think you know all there is to know about making videos that will be viewed on a moblie device? If so, check out the post below and see if there is anything more you can learn.

In  modern times, more and more people are using mobile phones not only to make calls, for short message services, but also to watch videos. It is estimated that over 60 percent of people these days use their phones to watch videos. If you want to make mobile phone videos, you must ensure that you put all the factors into consideration in order to make sure your video gets a high number of views. Below are some great tips for making mobile phone videos.

Keep the video short

One of the greatest mistakes you can make while developing a mobile phone video is making them long. Most people do not like very long videos because they might not have the time to watch them. Most of them might watch the video while travelling, waiting in line, between meetings and others times when they just get an opportunity. If your video runs for several minutes, viewers will not be interested and will not download it. In addition, they will not share it with their friends. So overall, your video should be as short as possible.

Consider the size of the videoyoutube video on a phone

It might seem very obvious, but most people ignore this tip. It is good to remember that mobile screens are smaller compared to those of desktops. You should make your graphics and shots simple. It is good that you avoid texts and if you must use any text, make sure that it is big and bold so that your viewers do not strain as they watch your video in different mobile phone models.

Speak clear and loud

It might be tricky to create audio for your video. Your viewers might not always be in a place where they can listen to your video easily. They might be in a noisy place or listening to it through low quality speakers or headphones. If you need to reach a large audience, make sure that your video is clear enough to be heard over any background noise. Invest in a high quality microphone to make it easy to understand the audio without straining.

Make use of all your tools

Mobile videos have a lot of benefits because there are a lot of tools that you can use to share and film the video. To reach a large audience, make sure that you make use of all the available tools in the most appropriate manner. Higher quality and professional tools can be used in filming short and scripted videos.

Share your video

It will be of no use if you develop mobile phone videos, but fail to share them. It is by sharing your video that it will be easy for it to get high levels of exposure to your target audience and even many others. There are different video sharing platforms you can utilize to make sure that your video reaches a large audience. YouTube is the most used platform and has the ability to help your video reach a lot of viewers and be shared among them.

Video marketing is a powerful too, and is something that most business owners don’t understand. If you can learn to master this exploding area of photography, you are sure to earn a good income from it.

We would welcome your comments or ideas on this subject. Please get in touch and lets exchange ideas. Meanwhile, watch the video below for some great tips.

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Discover Everything You Can Do With YouTube

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youtube logoYoutube is amazing. I use it all the time, and I am still finding things that I can learn to do, things it can do for me that I never realized, and ways I can make use of it in my daily life. Here are a few of them to get you thinking….

Not too long ago, when the Internet began to grow in leaps and bounds, most of us found ourselves wasting a fair amount of our time on YouTube. Of course, it’s a fantastic place full of everything that will excite you in seconds. Nonetheless, if you aren’t quite familiar with how YouTube functions or what can do with it, besides simple video creation, you will certainly feel a little limited. There are actually a number of awesome things you can do there. So here’s your best chance to learn some of them.

Creating videos and editing them on site

Being a popular website in the world right now, it’s obvious that YouTube gets millions of visitors every day. Remember that YouTube is a social media. Nearly all people who visit the site are after videos that are informative, useful, entertaining, mind-blowing, you name it. You can upload videos of all kinds for such viewers.

Always provide good quality and edit the video to the point that many will find attractive. With their onsite video editor and other video tools, you can customize your video in so many ways.

Video creation is definitely fun and with YouTube, it will be more fun since you can do so much with it as you will see later.

Making money with YouTube

After video creation, you can upload it and pull in good fortunes if you do things right. This will involve following YouTube rules and regulations regarding copyrights plus plenty of other stuff.

Once you’ve pulled in enough visitors to your channel, you can enter into a partnership with YouTube. If you qualify, you will earn revenues from all the ads they place on your videos.

If one of your viewers clicks on any of the ads, that can only mean more earnings for you.

Advertising on YouTube/ Video marketing

If you own a store or you’ve got products you need to sell, video creation on YouTube can play a huge role in promoting them eventually increasing your potential buyers. YouTube can also help if your blog already earns you money or even with those websites that bear ads and affiliates or any other promotions.

It’s a proven fact that with YouTube it’s easy to boost your web traffic. You can as well seek donations through your Videos. Just give much of your attention and effort to video creation. Create videos are short, sweet and very interesting so as you can easily attract more viewers and have all the above accomplished with ease.

YouTube alarm clocksspeech bubble

If you are sick and tired of your own alarm clock due to its boring sounds and all that, then you’ll be a happy soul when you discover how sweet it can get having YouTube wake you up from sleep. From the dulcet tones of the great Rick Astley to the cheerful sound of kids laughing or better still, the cute voice of Jessica singing daily affirmation. That sounds sweet, right? Well, just make sure your PC doesn’t hibernate.

Other things you can do on YouTube include:

• Watch YouTube Videos or listen to Audios of artists you like
• You can legally watch movies
• You can watch live events
• For smart TV users, there’s YouTube TV, a service that gives you high-quality videos, friendly interface, and an on-screen keyboard.

To sum up, if you really wish to make the most out of YouTube, this is the ultimate place to begin from. As you can see, you can do pretty much anything on YouTube aside from the usual video creation. By trying out any of the things we’ve looked at, you will discover so much more you hardly thought existed.

One of the main things that you need to know how to do is upload a video, and I was going to make a video to explain the easiest way, but would you believe it, there are hundreds on there already.. so here is the top ranking video to show you how to do it.

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What to know about horror movies

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Where better to start a movie blog than with horror films? The industry of films offers many types of films. Certain films amuse us. They make us laugh, can make us cry and in fact sometimes frighten us also, but anyway we get to be amused and to feel the warm glow of following a story.

Generally speaking,  films can be classified in 11 types. These 11 types of types of films are:
Crime and Gangster
Epics / Historical
Music (dance)
Science Fiction
War (Anti-war)

As the name points it out every type of film is filled with the element mentioned, action with big waterfalls, comedy with nervous sequences – tickles and humour. With traditional films there are also categories of films that are non-type. Some of these categories of films non-type can be enlivened Films, classical Films, worship Films, childrens Films and other similar styles. Whatever type or category they are, it is a true fact that films really amuse and they drive us to the very new world of fantasies.

What to know about horror moviesFilms show the nicest faces, the ugliest faces, the more loving heart filled with love and at the same time the most pitiless heart, in fact all of the emotions of our lives are within.

Films have big sequences of dance, of music and of cinematography. Nobody can dismiss the magic of these films.

Social films spread good messages to make our society a better place to live. These films inspire us and give us direction

A type of film which attracts a huge mass of amateurs to cinema is horror films. Horror films have strange characters with unusual faces and appearances. These films also have sound effects that are very frightening and causes us to shiver. Horrors also thrill us , scare us, but draw us in so that we just can’t leave until the scary end.

horror moviesHorror films often have a terrible and shocking final. They frighten us while enthralling and  amuse us at the same time in a cathartic experience.

Horror films have a broad range of styles, from the most ancient silent classical Nosferatu, to the monsters of today’s CGI and amazing special effects. They are sometimes combined with science fiction. Maybe a monster is linked to a corruption of technology, or when the Earth is threatened by extraterrestrials.

Whatever the theme, you can be sure that we will continue to watch in amazed fascination as the stories unfold, on our cinema screens, tv’s and mobile devices. Big box office is here to stay, and long may it continue.

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